What is a Deed?
A deed is written document which gives or confirms an interest, or right to something. It usually needs to be signed and witnessed and presented (delivered) to the people concerned, and in some jurisdictions it also needs to have a seal attached (not the kind that eats fish) aka "sealed". It is most often used to transfer ownership or title to a property.

Generally a Deed must:
  1. Include the word Deed to indicate that it is indeed a Deed!
  2. Include a description of whatever is being given or granted.
  3. The deed must be signed by the person granting the item. And witnessed by some independent witnessess.
  4. The deed must be delivered, ie given to the person getting the item or right.
Obviously the person granting the thing must be legally entitled to grant that thing. You can't give your wife the Empire State Building, unless you actually own the Empire State Building.

We can help you find help to make or understand a deed.

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